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Anti-Virus Programs    

For a full definition of Virus, check out PC Magazine’s definition by clicking here. The solution to this problem is to install an Anti-virus program, keep it up-to-date and run it at least once a week. There are numerous Anti-virus programs available in the marketplace. Some are provided by your ISP, or Internet Service Provider. AOL and Comcast Cable provide McAfee Anti-virus free of charge to their customers. You can find free anti-virus programs on the Internet. You can also go to any electronics or office supply store and find many anti-virus programs on the shelves. So, which anti-virus program to use? That is the question. Here is the answer:

MCT recommends AVG Free Anti-virus from Grisoft Software. It is amazing that in this day and age one can find a worthy product at no charge. In this case, you really can “get a free lunch.” AVG has been around for some time and has always received favorable reviews. Moreover, it works in the background and requires very little, if any, user intervention. This means you install and it just does its job without bothering you! In this regard it is far superior to both McAfee and Norton programs. You can find AVG by performing a Google Search on “avg free”.



Although McAfee is offered free to AOL and Comcast customers, the market leader in anti-virus programs is Symantec’s Norton Anti-virus Software. When you purchase this product, you are able to update to the most recent virus definitions for one year. At the end of that year, Norton will tell you (via many pop-up windows) that it is time to renew your subscription. When you renew, do not fall for the marketing ploy of paying just a few bucks more to get Norton Internet Security. NIS is known for causing conflicts within systems and is truly difficult to configure. All you need is Norton Anti-virus.

In summary, both McAfee and Norton Anti-virus programs can be difficult to configure, difficult to update and require more user intervention than we like to deal with. For a truly hassle-free experience with an anti-virus program, we highly recommend AVG Free. As always, if you have any question or concerns, please call us at 847-859-2727. Advice is always free and we love to hear from our customers.

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