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PC Magazine offers a great summary of Firewalls, check it out by clicking here. Windows XP and Vista have a built-in firewall. If you are using any kind of router, you are most likely behind a firewall. And if you want extra protection, one of the highest recommended firewall programs is ZoneAlarm from Zonelabs. With ZoneAlarm you can configure your security settings to meet your needs.

Having said all this, our suggestion is to ensure that the Windows firewall, assuming you have XP or Vista, is turned on. Test your firewall by clicking here to visit Gibson Research Corporation. In the GRC website, click on Shields Up!! In the next screen, scroll down the web page to the ShieldsUp! Link and click there. Read as much or as little of the following screen as you wish, but once you are through reading, click on the Proceed button. On the ShieldsUp! screen, click first on File Sharing. If your firewall is working properly, you will see text indicating that your system is secure. Next, click on the Common Ports button. Once again, if your firewall is good, you will see that your system Passed this test. If you pass both the File Sharing and Common Ports tests, you need do nothing more regarding a firewall. If you did not pass either test, you may need to download and install Zone Alarm. Simply visit Zonelabs by clicking here. Download the free version of ZoneAlarm.



Two things before we leave our discussion of Firewalls:

  1. When you visit Gibson Research Corporation at take a moment to read about Steve Gibson. You will learn why he offers this excellent ShieldsUp! tool, as well as many other valuable tools. Computer users the world over owe a huge debt to Steve Gibson.

  2. This issue of Firewalls seems simple enough but can be even more frustrating than the dealing with viruses and spyware. Once again, please do not hesitate to call us at 847-859-2727 if you have any concerns about whether you firewall is working or if you need to do more to protect yourself and your computer. We can resolve most of your concerns over the phone.

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