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Anti-Spyware Programs    

For a thorough definition of spyware, check out PC Magazine by clicking here. This article helps you understand the many different types of spyware and how this spyware actually gets on a PC.

Although the best way to avoid spyware is to be very careful regarding the websites you visit and any programs or tools you download from the Internet, spyware will inevitably find its way onto your computer. The best way to defend against spyware and to remove spyware that does find its way onto your computer is to install, update and run anti-spyware programs. There are an amazing number of anti-spyware programs available in the marketplace. Spend money if you wish, but the best anti-spyware programs are free:

  1. Windows Defender—This is Microsoft’s version of anti-spyware and comes loaded on all Windows Vista machines. But if you do not have a Vista machine, take heart, this program is available at no charge on Microsoft’s website. Once configured, Windows Defender updates itself and runs scans in the background, requiring little user intervention. Google “windows defender” to find the link or follow the Links button on this website. One note of caution: you will have to validate that your copy of Windows is genuine. You will not be able to download this product if your copy of Windows is not genuine.
  1. We also recommend Lavasoft’s Ad Aware. Simply download and install the program, update and click “Scan Now” to rid your computer of spyware. Ad Aware is relatively easy to use, but the free version must be manually run by the user. It is recommended that you run Ad Aware at least once a week. Be aware that Lavasoft does offer upgrade versions of Ad Aware for sale. These versions offer bells and whistles that really add nothing to the effectiveness of the free version. For more information on Ad Aware, visit Lavasoft by clicking here.

At MCT, we have been running AVG Free 8.0 (which combines anti-virus and antispyware in one program) and Windows Defender on all our company systems for a long time. We have yet to experience problems as a result of viruses or spyware. We think that is a pretty good validation of the worth of these products. As always, if you have any issue with spyware or your anti-spyware programs call us at 847-859-2727.

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