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Microsoft/Windows Updates
Windows is your computer’s operating system, the brain, if you will. It is programmed, manufactured and distributed by that business behemoth, Microsoft. You are probably running Windows XP on your system, unless your PC is an older model, in which case you could be running Windows 98, ME or 2000. If you have a really old system you could be running Windows 95, but most of those systems have gone on to computer heaven. read more read more

Secure Your Data
Even if you have anti-virus and anti-spyware programs running; even if you a Firewall; even if you are diligent about running Microsoft Update – your data is still at risk. Why? Because all your data is stored on your computer’s hard drive. And hard drives fail. It is a sad, but true, fact of computer life. read more read more

A firewall is a virtual reality barrier protecting your computer from outside hackers and protecting you from programs trying to “phone home” without your knowledge. read more read more

Secure Your Computer… Secure Your Data

Best Methods to Avoid PC Chaos
At MCT, we have helped many customers recover from disasters or near disasters. These problems could have been avoided by protecting the PC’s from Viruses and Spyware; by using a Firewall; by running Microsoft Update. Many of our customers complain of lost data as a result of these calamities. This would not have been an issue if up-to-date backups had been done. So … secure your computer and secure your data by ensuring that you have Anti-virus, Anti-spyware and Firewall programs installed on your computer. Make sure you run Microsoft Update at least once a week or whenever you see the yellow shield in the Notification Area of your Taskbar. And backup your data at least once a month.

Anti-Virus Programs
Viruses are simply programs written to do bad things to the computers which run them; viruses are created to damage your computer. They are most often delivered via email attachments (files, pictures, music, etc. sent along with an email) and the sender of the email does not even realize or know they are passing along a virus. read more read more

Anti-Spyware Programs
Spyware, or adware, has become a more serious problem than viruses in the last several years, especially in businesses and households with high Internet usage. Spyware can be malicious in nature, causing damage to your system and data; it can be frustrating, slowing your system to a crawl; it can be innocuous, as is the case with most cookies. read more read more